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Discover the all-new inOne mobile subscription for your mobile or the inOne products for your home.

New inOne mobile subscriptions

On 25 February 2019, Swisscom is launching a range of new mobile subscriptions. Our new basic, go and premium inOne mobile subscriptions and the Swiss mobile flat subscription offer you considerable freedom. With inOne mobile go, for example, you can surf both at home and throughout Europe – with unlimited roaming days. And for even more flexibility, the subscriptions can be combined with individual options and packs at any time. The subscriptions are available both for residential and business customers.

Switching subscription

We’ll help you find out whether it’s worth switching your subscription. Simply enter your details at the following link. We’ll then get in touch with you.

Existing Light, XS, S, M, L or XL inOne mobile subscriptions will remain valid, but will not be available to new subscribers after 23 February 2019.

Adding options and packs to your subscription

Should you wish, you can also tailor your new subscription to your individual requirements by adding extra options and packs, such as unlimited calls abroad or faster Internet speeds, for example. These can be added or removed from your subscription as desired. More details will be available from 25 February 2019.

Buying a mobile without extending the contract

With the new Swisscom subscriptions, there will no longer be any connection between the subscription and the purchase of a mobile phone. This means that you will no longer be offered smartphones at a discount price when extending a contract. However, we will still be running special offers allowing you to benefit from mobile phone discounts. The new subscription prices are also lower, and you can pay for your mobile simply in instalments.

Frequently asked questions

When and how can I switch to the new inOne mobile subscription?

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Is there a minimum contract period?

Are there any changes in use abroad?

If I switch, will there be any changes to my inOne products at home?

Still got questions?

Help and advice from other Swisscom customers can be found in the community.

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inOne for the home

inOne includes everything for home and away in a single package. inOne combines Internet, Swisscom TV, telephone and mobile subscriptions for up to five people. Every component in the package can also be adapted to your requirements or left out altogether.

Are you already a Swisscom customer?

You can simply change to the new inOne subscriptions online in the Customer Center.

Would you like to switch to Swisscom?

Configure your inOne home and inOne mobile package to suit you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I qualify for the inOne benefit?

On which bill is the inOne benefit itemised?

How can I choose who is to enjoy the inOne benefit?

What will happen to my TV recordings if I switch to inOne home?

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