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Notify move / change address

Notify move / change address

Notify move/change address

It’s easy to notify us of your move or change of address online in the Customer Center in just a couple of clicks.


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Tips and handy hints for your upcoming move

At set up

Note: Accessories like adapters, extension cables or connection kits are available in a Swisscom Shop near you or in the online shop:

Accessories for your Internet/Swisscom TV access

Accessories for your telephone access

Get help from neighbours

Let a Swisscom Friend set up your devices for you.
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For use


  • You keep your Internet-Box configuration when you move. Once connected, you have automatic access to your usual WLAN and can surf in the Internet.
  • Your e-mail addresses are available as usual: no setup is necessary on your part.


Swisscom TV

  • When you move, any planned and existing recordings on Swisscom TV 2.0 are saved.
  • The same applies to personal channel lists and other settings.



  • If you are given a new telephone number when you move and have been using the COMBOX® until now, the COMBOX has to be reset at the new location. Listen to your COMBOX® before moving as all existing messages will be deleted when it is reset.
  • After your move, check that your barring sets  (barred 0906 numbers for instance) are still working satisfactorily.
  • Swisscom offers various supplementary services to counter advertising calls and other unsolicited calls.