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Move or change of billing address

Move: Tips & shortcuts

Move: Tips & shortcuts

Clarify all questions related to a move.


Your (new) telephone number

If you are changing your address, you can keep your existing phone number or change to a new one. This applies to all moves, including those in another dialling code zone (e.g. from 031 to 041).


If you keep your old number, you will remain available on the same telephone number. The dialling code (e.g. (e.g. 031) will then no longer indicate your place of residence.


If you receive a new telephone number, your old number will remain blocked for six months.

Phone, Internet and Swisscom TV

Have a specialist help you to set up your devices at your new address.


Have your Internet set up

Get PCs, laptops and external devices set up in a new location

Setting up a new COMBOX®


If you are given a new telephone number when you move and have been using the COMBOX® until now, the COMBOX has to be reset at the new location.

Setting up your COMBOX®

Listen to your COMBOX® before moving – all existing messages will be deleted when it is reset.


Reactivating the blocking set


After your move, check whether your blocking set (e.g. blocked 0906 numbers) is still working to your satisfaction:


  • Pick up the receiver.
  • Press the * and # keys, followed by 33 and then # again.
  • Wait until you hear “The service is activated” or “The service is deactivated”. Then you can put down the receiver.

More information about blocking


Instructions on the Internet

Download and print out any instructions you need:


Internet access instructions

Swisscom TV instructions

Plugging in your devices at the new location

Accessories such as adapter plugs or extension leads are available from your local Swisscom or online shop:

Accessories for your Internet access

Accessories for your telephone access


Manage your personal data, subscriptions and bills on your own.


My Swisscom Assistant

The worry-free service for your computer


Mobile Set up

Set up MMS, e-mail, Internet, Swisscom TV air and WLAN on your mobile phone.


Quick Check

Check up on your own Swisscom services such as TV, Internet, telephone, and email!