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HD-Phone Arosa

Your HD-Phone Arosa

Installation and keypad overview

Find out everything you need to know about the operation and functions of this HD phone.
The HD-Phone Arosa only works in conjunction with the Swisscom Internet-Box on a fixed network connection (IP).

Declaration of conformity (CE 2014 097)

Download here the PDF version.

Declaration of conformity (EU 2014 098)

Download here the PDF version.


Set up

Making calls

Managing calls

Change ringtone

Your Arosa HD-Phone has a choice of 10 ringtones. You can select different ringtones for internal and external calls.

Change settings directly on your handset:

Note icon (= ringtones)
Select external or internal calls  

You can now listen to all the available ringtones and save your favourite one.

You can assign a different ringtone for every directory entry so you can recognise when a family member is calling by the ringtone, for instance.

On your handset, press Menu Directory Add and select the required ringtone via the note icon.