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Arosa HD-Phone

On this page:
Setting up and using your Arosa HD-Phone and changing the ringtone.

Installation & keypad overview

Find out everything you need to know about the operation and functions of this HD phone.
The HD-Phone Arosa only works in conjunction with the Swisscom Internet-Box on a fixed network connection (IP).


Set up

Making calls

Managing calls

Change ringtone

Your Arosa HD-Phone has a choice of 10 ringtones. You can select different ringtones for internal and external calls.


Change settings directly on your handset:


  1. Menu
  2. Note icon (= ringtones)
  3. Select external or internal calls

You can now listen to all the available ringtones and save your favourite one.


You can assign a different ringtone for every directory entry so you can recognise when a family member is calling by the ringtone, for instance.


On your handset, press Menu > Directory > Add and select the required ringtone via the note icon.