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10 hints and tips

10 hints and tips

10 hints and tips

  • You can see missed calls by double clicking the OK key. Click the OK key again to call back automatically. 


  • You can search for a name using several letters (search contacts) or by the first letter using keys 2 - 9 in the telephone book.


  • Go to sort order in the menu (advanced settings) to order the telephone book according to first names or surnames.


  • You can get straight to the COMBOX using the COMBOX key on top of the device or under COMBOX messages in the menu.


  • You can see your recent calls and easily call them again by pressing the call key (green handset)


  • You can use the crown key to stipulate that the last incoming caller is added to your call barring list. (Call management - call barring on the menu)


  • When direct acceptance (advanced settings) is activated, you can take an incoming call simply by picking up the phone from the charging station, and end it just by returning the phone to the charger.


  • You can use night mode (in the advanced settings) to alter the behaviour of the handset for a specified time)


  • The snooze button (right hand key or any other key) makes the alarm ring again after 5 minutes.


  • Change the ring tones to suit yourself. You can select different ring tones for internal and external calls. 

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