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WLAN-Box setup


WLAN-Box positioning

The WLAN-Box increases the WLAN range of the Internet-Box and ensures that your devices are automatically connected to the best WLAN network available. Your WLAN-Box lets you easily: 


  • extend your WLAN range (as a repeater or Access Point).
  • wirelessly pair your Swisscom TV-Box.


Position your WLAN-Box to suit how you intend to use it.

Positioning for optimum WLAN reception

Use your WLAN-Box as an Access Point to achieve optimum WLAN reception. To do so, plug your WLAN-Box into a network connection in your home or run an Ethernet cable between the two. Pair the two devices.

You can also use your WLAN-Box as a repeater, which also extends the WLAN range, although the quality is higher when it is used as an Access Point. If you want to extend your WLAN range with a repeater, position the WLAN-Box halfway between Internet-Box and the place where you would like to use the Internet and then pair the two devices.

Always stand the WLAN-Box upright to achieve optimum WLAN reception; never lay it flat. The WLAN-Box has been optimised to ensure the best possible WLAN range and maximum speed; due to the position of the antenna, this can only be achieved if it is positioned upright. The WLAN reception is greatly impaired otherwise.


The WLAN-Box should not be positioned close to other objects or metal casings either.

Positioning for pairing with the Swisscom TV-Box

Position the WLAN-Box next to the Swisscom TV-Box and connect the two via Ethernet cable.


Pairing with Internet-Box

Connect the WLAN-Box to the power in the required position to pair it with Internet-Box.


Press the plus (+) button on the WLAN-Box and then the Internet-Box plus (+) button within two minutes to pair the two devices.


Pairing is necessary whether the WLAN-Box is connected to the Internet-Box via WLAN or Ethernet, to transfer the Internet-Box settings to the WLAN-Box.


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Pairing with the Swisscom TV-Box

Use your WLAN-Box to wirelessly pair your Swisscom TV and Internet-Box. With the Internet-Box 2 and the WLAN box, you can connect up to four TV boxes. If you have the Internet-Box plus/Internet-Box standard, you can only connect one TV box, even if you have a WLAN box. Follow these instructions:

Connect the WLAN-Box to the power near the Swisscom TV-Box and connect the WLAN-Box to the Swisscom TV-Box using the supplied Ethernet cable.

Switch on the WLAN-Box and wait approx. two minutes.
Press the plus (+) button on the Internet-Box and also the plus (+) button on the WLAN-Box. These two steps must be completed within two minutes to perform pairing correctly.

As soon as the WLAN-Box status LED lights up white constantly you can switch on the Swisscom TV-Box.

Wireless pairing of the Swisscom TV-Box with the WLAN-Box also extends your existing Internet-Box WLAN network.

Pairing several WLAN-Boxes

You can add a maximum of 4 WLAN-Boxes to your existing WLAN network.


Pairing other devices

Many WLAN devices like Windows computers, Android smartphones or IP radios support automatic pairing with no need for entering a password. These devices have a WPS function (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).


Press the WLAN-Box plus (+) button and the activate the WPS function on your device within two minutes to automatically pair it with your WLAN-Box. The devices then pair automatically.



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