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Gigabit Ethernet ports

Connect computers, the Swisscom TV-Box and other devices to the WLAN-Box via Ethernet cable. Always unwind the Cat6 cable supplied in the package and use this to enjoy the full speed of up to 1 Gbit/s.

On/Off button

Use this button to switch the WLAN-Box on and off. Please note that connected network devices only work when the WLAN-Box is switched on. If you don’t need the WLAN-Box for several days or even weeks, e.g. during the holidays, it is best to disconnect it and the mains adapter from the power. This further reduces consumption considerably.

Electricity supply

Plug in the supplied mains adapter here.

Reset button

Touch this button briefly (with the tip of sharp object, for instance) to restore the WLAN-Box to its factory settings. If you aim to cover long distances with the WLAN-Box you must pair the first WLAN-Box with the Internet-Box using the Ethernet cable. You can then pair the second WLAN-Box using WLAN.

Plus button (= pairing button)

Use the plus (+) button to pair the WLAN-Box with your Internet-Box during setup. Pairing is always necessary whether the WLAN-Box is paired to the Internet-Box 2 via WLAN or Ethernet cable.


You can then pair WLAN devices with the WLAN-Box at the push of a button. After pressing the plus button on the WLAN-Box, you have two minutes to activate pairing mode on your devices.


Please note that your WLAN end devices must support the WPS standard.

Status LED

The WLAN-Box status LED always indicates the current status:

  • LED lights up white
    Everything is ok. All services are working perfectly.

  • LED flashes white and red alternately
    WLAN-Box pairing with the Internet-Box in progress. Please wait approx. 2 minutes.

  • LED flashes white quickly
    WLAN-Box firmware update in progress. Please wait.

  • LED flashes red
    No connection to the Internet-Box Either the WLAN-Box is not paired to the Internet-Box or it is too far away from the Internet-Box.

  • LED lights up red
    No connection to the Internet-Box or error message
  1. Please check whether the Internet-Box WLAN is switched on.
  2. Repeat Internet-Box pairing.
  3. If the LED lights up red again, reboot the Internet-Box and the WLAN-Box.
  4. If the LED still lights up red, reposition the WLAN-Box.