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Connections mobile

Connections mobile


Internet Box 2 Vorderseite

Status LED

The Internet-Box LED always indicates the current status:

  • LED lights up white – everything okay
    Internet and all services in perfect working order.

  • LED flashes white and red alternately – the device is receiving configurations from Swisscom
    Please wait around five minutes.
    If the LED still continues to flash:
    connect the Internet-Box to a computer with the Ethernet cable and access the website using your Internet browser.
    Complete all mandatory fields step-by-step.

  • LED flashes white quickly:
    firmware update. Please wait.

  • LED flashes red – no Internet access
    Check whether the DSL cable is connected correctly.

  • LED flashes red – problem detected
    Reboot the Internet-Box and wait until the LED lights up white again.

Plus button (= pairing/connect button)

Use the plus (+) button to connect WLAN devices or DECT cordless phones to the Internet-Box. When you press the plus button on the Internet-Box, you have two minutes to activate the connection mode on your end devices.

Please note that your WLAN end devices must support the WPS standard.

The WLAN button

Use this button to switch your WLAN on and off easily.
If the LED on the button is illuminated, the WLAN is switched on.

The WLAN access data is enclosed with the subscription documentssent by post/e-mail and can always be viewed in the Internet-Box web portal at http://internetbox.

Internet Box web portal (via computer or Home App)

You can access your password-protected Internet Box settings on the web portal over your Internet browser. Discover everything the Internet-Box can do and change settings to suit your needs.

Enter http://internetbox or in your Internet browser. Click "Set new password" to log in for the first time or if you have forgotten your password. You can then set or change your personal password.

Access settings and features in a jiffy with the Home App. As soon as you are connected to the Internet Box WLAN, you can simply use the App to access the most important settings and features.


Internet Box 2 Rückseite

DSL Internet port

Insert the DSL cable here to connect the Internet-Box to the telephone socket via the microfilter. Please refer to your installation manual to check the cabling you need. Please always use the most recent cables supplied. This avoids services being limited unnecessarily.

Telephone ports

If you have fixed network telephony (IP), use the two grey telephone ports "phone 1 and 2" to connect your analogue telephone sets and/or fax machines. Your existing phones can only be connected to the Internet-Box and not to the telephone sockets in your home. Please also follow the instructions in the enclosed installation manual. Swisscom HD-Phones can be connected to the DECT base station integrated into the Internet-Box simply and wirelessly.

Gigabit Ethernet connections

The Ethernet cable included with the Internet box should be used to connect a computer, Swisscom TV box, and other devices to the Internet box whenever possible. Please note that only a fully extended cable supports the high speed data transfer rate of up to 1 Gbit/s.

In order to take advantage of the maximum speeds, please always use a fully extended Cat6 cable. The cable category is shown on the cable itself.

Fibre-optic port

Only relevant for fibre customers with the required fibre-optic module.

Insert the fibre optic cable supplied into the fibre optic module using the blue connector. The other of the cable with the green connector is inserted into the fibre-optic socket on the wall. The cable is delicate, so please do not touch it at either end. Please also heed the instructions in the enclosed installation manual.

Reset button

Using an object with a sharp tip, lightly press this button to reset the Internet-Box to its default settings. All the personal settings like network settings, device names, address book entries, port forwarding etc. which were made in the web portal are deleted. We recommend that you save the configuration in the web portal first.

Power socket

Insert the mains adapter supplied here.

Power switch

Switch your Internet-Box on and off here. Please note that your services like Swisscom TV, fixed network telephony (IP) or central storage only work when the router is switched on. If you are not using the Internet-Box for several days or even weeks – when you are on holiday, for instance – it is best to disconnect the box and mains adapter from the power. This further reduces electricity consumption considerably although mobile data access over your app no longer works.

USB ports

Use the two USB ports to connect USB storage media (USB 2.0 or newer) at any time for access to your favourite songs, photos and videos on all computers and DLNA-enabled devices in your network environment. Always select the USB 3.0 port as first choice as it guarantees higher speeds. For mobile access to all content you can use the Home App and always have your important documents with you. All common storage formats for USB hard disk supported (NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ and EXT).

"smart home" expansion slot

Not yet supported.

Customer Center

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Mobile Set up

Set up MMS, e-mail, Internet, Swisscom TV air and WLAN on your mobile phone.


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