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Swisscom TV remote

Swisscom TV remote


LED light

Generally the LED on the remote flashes up white if you press a button. 

Instruction manual

Declaration of Conformity

Voice control, Declaration of Conformity, accessibility and the most important functions at a glance. 

Replacing your remote control

If your remote control is faulty (damage caused by dropping etc.), please contact our customer service. You cannot purchase a remote control in the Swisscom Shop or the Swisscom Online Shop.

LED lights up/device does not respond

The LED on the remote control usually lights up white when you press a button.


Flashing red 5 times

The TV-Box is not within range of the remote control. Move closer to the TV-Box.

The TV-Box does not have power. Check if the TV-Box is plugged into a socket.

The TV-Box needs to be rebooted for technical reasons. Reboot the TV-Box.

LED is red when you press a button

The remote control is not connected to the TV-Box.  Reconnect the remote control to the TV-Box.

LED is red every tenth time you press a button

  Lights up white permanently

No LED/remote control does not respond

The batteries are (almost) done.  Change the remote control batteries.

Your remote control is also available as an app

Use your smartphone as a remote control with the TV Air app remote control function. You can find the remote control under "Home", at the top right.


Change batteries


Link remote & TV Box