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Voice Assistant

On this page:
Swisscom Voice Assistant features, how to use it and how to switch it off.

Features of the Voice Assistant

The Voice Assistant with your Swisscom Box can respond to your voice commands and answer your questions. Say “Hey Swisscom” to activate the assistant and the Box will then follow your commands or give you an answer.


You can use your Swisscom Box Voice Assistant to operate your TV and select TV programmes. Note that your TV requires HDMI-CEC and the function must be activated on your TV set.

The Swisscom Box can follow a range of commands.

  • To switch on the TV set and TV-Box: “Hey Swisscom, switch on the TV.”
  • To change the channel: “Hey Swisscom, switch to SRF zwei.”
  • To fast-forward and rewind: “Hey Swisscom, skip forward 10 minutes.”
  • To regulate the volume: “Hey Swisscom, volume down.”
  • To open apps: “Hey Swisscom, start Netflix.”
  • To search by title: “Hey Swisscom, search for ‘Stromberg’.”
  • To search by genre: “Hey Swisscom, I’d like to watch a crime drama.”
  • To search by actor: “Hey Swisscom, show me films starring Nicole Kidman.”

You can use the following voice commands to select music programmes:

  • To listen to the radio: “Hey Swisscom, I’d like to listen to radio SRF 3.”

Would you like a news update from Bluewin or weather information from Give the following voice commands:

  • News: “Hey Swisscom, read me the news.”
  • Weather: “Hey Swisscom, what’s the weather like in Grindelwald?”

You can also use the Voice Assistant to control the Smart Home devices and scenarios that you manage in the Swisscom Home app. You can use the following voice commands, for example:

  • To switch Smart Home devices on/off: “Hey Swisscom, switch on the device ‘floor lamp’.”
  • To run Smart Home scenarios: “Hey Swisscom, run the ‘Good night’ scenario.”

To do this, you will need to activate this particular voice assistant skill in the Swisscom Home app.


You can also use voice commands for other services, such as querying the WLAN password and accessing myCloud photos. New features are being added continually.

Switching the Voice Assistant on/off

The first time you start up your Swisscom Box, the microphones in your TV-Box are automatically deactivated. The Swisscom Box will therefore not respond to the “Hey Swisscom” activation phrase.

To activate the microphones and Voice Assistant on your Swisscom Box, proceed as follows.

  •   Microphone button on Box

    Press the microphone button on the side of the Swisscom Box.

  •   Microphone switch on remote control

    Press the microphone switch on your remote control and choose ‘Activated’ on the TV to use the function via the remote control.

  •   Privacy policy

    Privacy policy will be displayed.

  •   Save

    Choose whether or not to give permission for your voice recordings to be checked. You can change this at any time in Settings. Go to ‘Save’.

How are voice recordings made?

Your Swisscom Box is designed to recognise the activation phrase "Hey Swisscom” when the Voice Assistant is activated. The Swisscom Box will listen to spoken commands given immediately after activation for up to 7 seconds. This is also indicated by the 5 green illuminated LEDs on the front of your Swisscom Box.


Why is the Voice Assistant not responding to my voice commands?

If the Voice Assistant is not responding to your voice commands, check that the microphone is switched on. Speak in clear, short sentences. The Voice Assistant can understand you best if you are close to the Box.


Also make sure that the Box is set up in a clearly visible position so the microphones can pick up your voice commands. If you place the Swisscom Box inside a TV cabinet, you will only be able to give your voice commands via the remote control.

The Swisscom Box is responding to the voice of my TV. What can I do?

Go to the ‘Video and Audio’ tab in your Swisscom Box settings (access via the Home button and the cogwheel in the top left). Change the ‘Audio/Sound’ settings from ‘Surround Sound’ to ‘Stereo’.


If the problem persists, change the position of the Swisscom Box. Make sure that the Swisscom Box is not positioned directly in front of the soundbar or TV speakers.


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