Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - Update F-secure Applikation

Download type: Software


version: 2.0 Release 30.9.2006

Name: Update F-secure

Short Description: Update antivirus software

Description: To ensure that your antivirus software is up to date, download the file to your PC. Make sure that your Mobile Assistant device is connected to your PC via Active Sync. Then run the file. Confirm any messages with OK. Following the message "Check on your mobile device whether additional steps are required for this installation", carry out the remaining steps on your Mobile Assistant device. On the device confirm that the old F-secure version is to be overwritten by the new one by clicking OK. The F-secure licencing requirements will appear. Confirm them and then restart your device (soft reset).

System Requirements: PC with USB connection, Active Sync and your Q tek 9090, Q tek S100 or HP 6515 operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000

More Information: This update replaces the old antivirus software. The existing antivirus software must not be deinstalled. This happens automatically during the update. Unfortunately, the old application will still appear under Start > Programmes. However, it does not affect the functionalities of the new antivirus software.

Please note that this update will also be lost in the event of a data loss (hard reset) of the device. However, the update can be downloaded as often as required.