Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - HTC Touch Diamond 1st Maintenance Release

Download type: Software


version: 1.0 Release 20.10.2008

Name: HTC Touch Diamond 1st Maintenance Release

Short Description: Update for 1st Maintenance Release

Description: To update your mobile assistant, click on the link and enter your serial number. Download the file, then run it and follow the instructions. If you want to install the mobile assistant solution, the update does not need running.

System Requirements: PC with a USB port, Active Sync 3.x or 4.x and your HTC Touch Diamond, PC operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Vista

More Information: Please note that all personal data on the hardware will be permanently deleted during the ROM update. You should therefore always perform a data backup before carrying out the update. Please also make sure you take the following steps before carrying out the update: close all programmes not required for the update and remove all connected devices, apart from your mobile assistant. back up all of your data.

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