Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - HTC Touch Diamond Mobile Assistant Recovery

Download type: Software


version: 4.2 Release 25.8.2008

Name: HTC Touch Diamond Mobile Assistant Recovery

Short Description: Mobile Assistant memory card software

Description: Should you inadvertently lose the Mobile Assistant data, or should it no longer function during operation, you can download these files and recover the software stored on them. Download the files, run them and then follow the instructions. Detailed instructions: Connect your HTC Touch Diamond with the USB lead and your PC. A window will appear on the HTC Touch Diamond: Type of connection – select hard disc and finish typing. The HTC Touch Diamond's internal memory appears on the PC as a removable medium. Copy the contents of the Mobile Assistant solution onto this medium. After copying successfully, remove the USB lead from the HTC Touch Diamond and your PC. Restart the device.

System Requirements: PC with USB connection, operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista