Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - HTC Touch Pro2 Version Windows mobile 6.1

Download type: Software


version: 1.1 Release 2.12.2009

Name: HTC Touch Pro2 Mobile Assistant Recovery Windows Mobile 6.1 TomTom code in the package (15 digits)

Short Description: Mobile Assistant memory card software

Description: Should you lose or inadvertently delete the Mobile Assistant data, or if it stops functioning correctly during operation, you can restore the software stored on the card by downloading these files. Download the files, then run them and follow the instructions. Detailed instructions: connect your HTC Touch Pro2 to your PC using the USB cable. A window will appear on the HTC Touch Pro2: select the connection type “hard disc” and “finished”. The HTC Touch Pro2’s internal memory card appears on the PC as removable media. Copy the contents of the Mobile Assistant card solution onto this media. Once the copy process has finished successfully, remove the USB cable from the HTC Touch Pro2 and your PC. Restart the device.

System Requirements: PC with a USB port, Active Sync 3.x or 4.x and your HTC Touch Pro2, PC operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Vista