Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - HTC S740

Download type: Software


version: 1.0 Release 1.12.2008

Name: Memory card software for the HTC S740

Short Description: The memory card software contains a road map.

Description: If you lose the Mobile Assistant memory card, or if it stops functioning correctly during operation, you can restore the software stored on the card by downloading these files. Download the files, then run them and follow the instructions.

System Requirements: PC with a USB port, Active Sync 3.x or 4.x and your HTC Touch Pro, PC operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Vista

More Information: In order to set up a completely new memory card, you must download and run the two .exe files (Mobile Assistant Software and Mobile Assistant TomTom software). A separate .exe file was created for the TomTom software in order to reduce the download time. Run the two .exe files to save the Mobile Assistant software on your PC. This can then be copied to the memory card in the device via ActiveSync.