Software & Downloads Mobile Assistant - SD Card Recovery v1510 (TomTom)

Download type: Software


version: 1.0 Release 7.3.2007

Name: Mobile Assistant TomTom Software

Short Description: Memory card software

Description: If you lose the Mobile Assistant memory card or if it no longer functions within the course of operation, you can restore the software saved on the card by downloading these files.

System Requirements: PC with USB connection, Active Sync 4.x and your XPA v1510 operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2000

More Information: In order to set up a completely new memory card, you must download and run the two .exe files (Mobile Assistant Software and Mobile Assistant TomTom software). A separate .exe file was used for the TomTom software in order to speed up the time required for download. By running the two .exe files, the Mobile Assistant software is stored locally on your PC, which you can then copy to the memory card in the device via ActiveSync.