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Phone number & phone book

On this page:
Manage your telephone number, forward calls internally and keep your telephone book up to date.

Additional phone number(s)

Visit the My Swisscom Customer Center to order additional phone numbers (not possible for SwisscomLine plus): Browse to "Manage products and services" and select the subscription you want to oder the new number for. After that select "Adjust options" to order your additional number.

How many additional phone numbers can i have?

  1. 2 phone numbers: as a customer with All IP (e.g. inOne home with fixed network)  and Swisscom Line basic you can have 2 phone numbers and have 2 calls simultaneously. You need more? Contact us
  2. Up to 5 phone numbers: if you are using  inOne SME Office (with fixed network). you can use a total of 5 phone numbers and hold 5 calls at the same time. You need more? Contact us

Assigning a number to a device

If you use an Internet-Box, you can assign phone numbers to devices as follows:


  1. Enter http://internetbox.home or in your Internet browser and log in. Please note that you only have access to these settings when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.
  2. In the left menu bar go to “Telephony” > “Settings”
  3. Set which phone number is to be displayed to the call recipient with “Outgoing call”. Use “Incoming call” to set which phone number rings out on the respective devices.
  4. Click on “Save”.

If you have a Centro Business, you can assign phone numbers to devices in the Customer Center:


  1. Log into the Customer Center.
  2. Go to the “Business telephony/device” menu.
  3. Set which phone number should ring on individual devices (you can do this directly on the handsets if they are registered in Centro Business 2.0).
  4. You can set which phone number is to be displayed to the call recipient under “Customise business telephony/calls”.


Entry in the telephone book

Would you like people to be able to look you up in the public phone book? An entry in the official directory ensures your phone number and address are listed in both the printed and electronic phone book. You can register your number and address online and edit or add to the entry at any time (e.g. when you change address, get married, have children etc.).


Deactivate address updating in the Customer Center to prevent your address being passed on to third parties.

Suppressing phone numbers

If you want to prevent your fixed network number or name being displayed to the call recipient, you can suppress your phone number. You will then appear to the call recipient as an anonymous caller.


If you wish to set this permanently for your fixed network phone, please go to the Customer Center. To suppress your number for one call, enter *31, then the call recipient’s phone number, followed by # (e.g. *310449999999#). This additional service is free.


If you wish to suppress your mobile phone number, enter *31#. You can deactivate the service again by entering the code #31#.

Forwarding internal calls

If several telephones are registered on your Internet-Box, you can use them to make free internal calls. You don’t need more than one phone number for this. Simply assign individual internal numbers to the phones in the web portal (http://internetbox.home or .



You can also make internal calls and forward them for free with a Centro Business 2.0. Call forwarding on a Nyon HD-Phone, Gigaset SL360HS and Gigaset CL660HX is easy, and you don’t need an additional phone number. However, you do need an additional phone number/line to forward calls on an IP-Phone (e.g. Yealink T46G, Sarnen HD-Phone) with inOne SME Office.


Example with an Internet-Box: Assign the number 201 to your handset in the living room. You can then dial the internal number 201 on the handset in the bedroom to ring your phone in the living room.


You can also forward an external call to another internal handset. Proceed as follows:

  1. Access the menu options during the call
  2. Select “Forward” or press “OK”.
  3. Select an internal number (e.g. 204)
  4. Forward the call

With an Internet-Box, calls can be forwarded from HD-Phone to HD-Phone and from HD-Phones to a phone connected to the Internet-Box telephone line 1 or 2. No other internal forwarding, for instance to a Yealink T46G IP-Phone, is possible.

Telephone book contacts

As a Swisscom customer, you can store all of your contacts centrally. This ensures that all of your contacts are stored in a safe place from where they can still be accessed if you change your phone.

Managing contacts

Your contacts are managed differently depending on whether you use an Internet-Box, a Centro Business 2.0 or Smart Business Connect.

With an Internet-Box

With a Centro Business 2.0

With Smart Business Connect

Look up contacts

With a Centro Business 2.0

With Smart Business Connect



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