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Set up, fix and change other Bluewin e-mail settings on your PC or your mobile phone.

Bluewin-Webmail in Browser

Use Bluewin Webmail to access your e-mails ( or directly in the Internet browser on any computer. All you need is your Swisscom Login.

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Automatic setup

The free My Swisscom Assistant program helps you to set up, repair and adjust e-mail accounts on your computer.

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Manual setup

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to set up or adjust the e-mail account on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Settings Update

In order to better protect your e-mail account from misuse, as of june 2019 Bluewin will only permit the encrypted transmission of e-mail. Adjust the settings of your e-mail program if they do not yet comply with the new security standards.


More information

Option 3 of 3

Expert help (chargeable)

Our My Service experts will be happy to help you set up or repair the e-mail account on your computer.

Forgotten/change e-mail password?

You can link the e-mail address in your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook) on your computer or smartphone. You need your e-mail password for this.


If you have forgotten your e-mail password, you can reset it in the Customer Center.


If you know your password and want to change it, you can also do this in the Customer Center.



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