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Saving energy

Saving energy

Specify WLAN operating hours

Save energy by adapting the signal to the Internet-Box or WLAN-Box to your needs.

  • Go to the Web portal and log in.
  • The menu for “Energy saving options” lets you set the WLAN signal to switch off automatically during the night, for instance.

Switch off Internet-Box (e.g. during holidays)

If you don’t need the Internet-Box/WLAN-Box for several days or even weeks – during the holidays for instance – it is best to disconnect it and all network devices, thus considerably reducing energy consumption.

Switch off DECT

If you do not have an HD fixed-network telephone connected to the Internet-Box, you do not require DECT and you can switch off this function in the web portal (only for Internet-Box).

If you have connected an HD telephone with the Internet-Box wirelessly you should leave the DECT function switched on or you will not be able to make calls.

To access the web portal you must be connected to your Internet-Box within the network. You can also make any WLAN adjustments quickly and easily in your Home app.