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Updating firmware

Which Internet-Box are you using?

Updating firmware

Swisscom regularly updates the WLAN-Box with the latest firmware so you continue to benefit from new functions and improvements after purchase. Updates are automatic, usually at night.


We call the software which provides all the WLAN-Box functions firmware. This web page provides details of the current firmware versions, improvements, and new functions.

Current firmware for WLAN-Box 2 (may 2018)


All WLAN-Boxes will be automatically updated to the new version in the upcoming weeks.

Currently installed firmware version

You can check which firmware version is currently installed on your Internet-Box on the Internet-Box web portal at any time. Select “Expert mode” and click on “Internet-Box” > “Firmware” on the menu. Please note that you only have access to the web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.


If you don’t want to wait until your WLAN-Box is updated automatically, you can download and install firmware manually.

  1. Download the latest firmware version
  2. Open the Internet-Box web portal at http://internetbox.home. Please note that you only have access when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.
  3. Switch to “Expert mode”.
  4. Look up the IP address for your WLAN-Box in the “Network, device list” menu (usually an address between – 160).
  5. Open the WLAN-Box web portal via (the IP address which you looked up in the device list in the previous step).
  6. Click the “WLAN-Box” option in the WLAN-Box main menu.
  7. Now select the locally stored firmware file and launch the update.

Release notes for older firmware versions

Router Firmware April 2018 (09.01.21)

Router Firmware January 2018 (09.00.52)



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