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The Swisscom Home app gives you full control and practical access to your networked home, with lots of management and monitoring options. Find out more about the Home app here.



The app supports all Swisscom internet boxes: Internet-Box 2, Internet-Box plus, Internet-Box standard and Internet-Box light. Other routers like Centro Grande are not supported.
Certain functions like the internet box settings or the telephony function are only available if your smartphone is connected to your internet box WLAN and your internet box supports this function. The central storage function (only with Internet-Box 2 or plus) and Smart Home functions are also available on the move via the mobile data network.

If you have problems

Logout (Support -> logout) and login in the Home app
Reinstall the home app  

Reboot your internet box  

If this still does not work, perform an internet box RESET (button on the back of the Internet-Box).

N.B. Before you do so, back up all your settings in the Internet-Box web portal (http://internetbox).  

If your internet box admin password is not accepted

Make sure your admin password only includes permissible characters. Please ensure that the admin password is not the same as your Swisscom Login password.
Create a new password by selecting “create new password” in the login screen.

Frequently asked questions

Smart Home

Internet -> speed test

Internet -> my files