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Product questions about inOne SME office

On this page:
Clarify the most important questions around the package inOne SME office

What does inOne SME office offer?

inOne SME office is a package for business customers that combines all business communication. It comprises Business Internet, Business Service and Business Telephony with the option of adding Swisscom TV (Swisscom TV Public for public transmission or Swisscom TV L for private use).

What calls are included?


inOne SME office includes calls to all fixed and mobile networks in Switzerland. Our fair use policy applies here.


Calls to business numbers (0900 numbers) or calls to a number with a per-minute rate will be billed to you.


Depending on the product, a limited number of international call minutes is included (country group 1, i.e. EU, USA and Canada). 

Voice channels

All telephone numbers within inOne SME office receive their own voice channel. The Business Telephony app or PC client (included with the product) enable all voice channels to be used simultaneously.


It is not possible to purchase voice channels or telephone numbers separately. Channels and telephone numbers are only available in the package and are included in the subscription price, depending on the option selected.



The Centro Business 2.0 is the standard router for inOne SME office. This router also works with fixed IP addresses and Swisscom TV Public. This is the only router that can be used for fixed IP addresses and the Internet Backup fail-safe guarantee.

Telephony and other hardware

You can continue to use the following hardware with inOne SME office:

  • existing telephones (analogue, ISDN or IP telephones)
  • payment terminals that are LAN-enabled
  • network printers

You can only continue to use a firewall with Centro Business and Centro Business 2.0 (requirement: with DMZ and min. 4 fixed IP addresses or via PPPoE and with min. 1 fixed IP address).


Private branch exchanges (PBX) or older routers can no longer be used (with the exception of Centro Business).

Switching to inOne SME office

inOne SME office is available to customers with a copper (ADSL or VDSL) or fibre-optic line. You can switch from your current product to inOne SME office at any time.


Customers with low bandwidths cannot make full use of the product. If your connection has a speed under 1.2/0.2 Mbit/s, we recommend using our basic service products

Legal information

Offer terms and special service conditions apply to inOne SME office.


Customers who use inOne SME office with Swisscom TV L are also subject to the "ban on commercial use":