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Internet-Box App

Internet-Box App


Why can't I install the Internet Box App?

Why does my Internet Box not accept the admin password?


Why are some functions on the start screen grey and not available, and others not?

How can I reduce the App's power consumption?

Why can't I see all the functions on the start screen?

Telephony function

How can I set up the telephony function?

Why can't I see the telephone symbol on my start screen?

What else does the telephony function let me do?

How do I transfer my smart phone contacts to my landline telephone?

is the telephone symbol on the start sceen grey and not available?

Why does the internal number of the Internet Box App not show on my landline telephone?

Central storage function

Why isn't the central storage function displayed on the start screen?

Why is the central storage symbol grey and not available on the App start screen?

What are the requirements for data access?

Why is the connection to my data so slow?

Can I also use the Internet box App to access my existing NAS?

Do I also have access to my data when abroad?

Should I be aware of any security issues?

Speed test

Why is my WLAN speed faster than the internet speed?

myStrom function

Why does the Internet Box not recognise my connected myStrom WLAN Energy Control Switch?