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Distribution list

Distribution list

What are distribution lists?

You can use distribution lists to automatically forward incoming e-mails to one or several e-mail addresses.
Every distribution list has its own e-mail address (e.g. Distribution and a list of e-mail addresses to which incoming messages are to be forwarded.

Where do I manage my Bluewin distribution lists?

You can set up and manage your distribution lists in the Swisscom Customer Center.


  1. After logging in, click “E-mail” on the left-hand side
  2. Click “Settings” under “E-mail”
  3. Click “Edit” in the main field under “Distribution lists”

What happens on the weekend of 10 & 11 June 2017?

On this weekend your distribution lists will be deleted in the Customer Center and will no longer be available.
E-mails on the distribution lists will no longer be forwarded and an automatically generated e-mail will inform that the message could not be sent. You will no longer be charged for distribution lists in June.

Are there any alternatives?

We are unable to offer you a direct alternative to the distribution list function. However, if the distribution list e-mail address is very important to you, you can re-register it as of 12 June, thus giving you continued access to incoming e-mails.
If you wish to cancel your distribution lists in the Customer Center before then, you can do so at any time to the end of a month. At the beginning of the next month the e-mail address can be re-registered as required.

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