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Set up Internet and WLAN

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Set up Internet, create a WLAN connection and surf with different devices.

Set up Internet

To set up your Internet, you need to connect your Internet-Box first. Do you need help setting up your Internet-Box? Follow the instructions.

Do you need help setting up your Business internet services? Further informations

Third-party routers

If you own a router from a provider other than Swisscom, follow the instruction manual for this device. You can find details on general settings for external routers on the Swisscom network here.

Connect a computer to WLAN


My Swisscom Assistant helps you to set up WLAN on your computer. Install the free help programme for wireless surfing in the future.


You can also connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to the WLAN manually. Your WLAN credentials are available on the web portal (or on the Internet-Box). Follow the instructions below:

Connect your computer using the Ethernet cable

In the browser, open http://internetbox.home to access the web portal

In the menu, click on WLAN > Settings > Activate WLAN
Activate the WLAN on your computer Most computers have a WiFi button. In order to connect the PC to WiFi you have to press it (on Mac computers the WLAN is always switched on automatically).
On your computer, look for the available WLAN in your environment (on a Windows PC, click on the network icon, bottom right; on a Mac, click the WLAN symbol, top right)
Select your WLAN name
Type in your WLAN password

Connect a mobile device to WLAN

If you want to surf in the WLAN with your mobile device you need to activate this function in the settings. You can do so automatically or with the help of the step-by-step instructions.

WLAN on your mobile phone

  • As soon as the connection is established, you can surf in the Internet without incurring charges. The monthly data volume included in your monthly subscription is not affected by home use.
  • If your mobile phone cannot establish a WLAN connection (WLAN deactivated or not within range), you can surf in the Internet via the mobile phone network (this can incur costs)

Connect devices to WLAN

To connect devices like printers or IP radios, the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function is the easiest option. Many WLAN devices (other than Apple products) support automatic connection with no need to enter a password.


Press the WLAN-Box plus (+) button and activate the WPS function on your device within two minutes to automatically pair it with your WLAN-Box. The devices then pair automatically.



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