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NAS for your Internet-Box

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Set up central storage on your Internet-Box and access data on the move or via your TV/stereo system.

What is NAS?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is a central storage function offered by the Internet-Box. When you connect a USB storage device to the Swisscom Internet-Box, all computers, tablets and mobile phones in the home network have instant access to the data stored there. Every member of the household can also store files like music, photos or videos in the central storage.

Set up central storage

To set up central storage, connect a USB hard disk to the Internet-Box. Windows users can access this in Windows Explorer under \\internetbox-nas. Mac OS users will see the central storage automatically in the Finder under “SHARED”.

Internet-Box 3

Internet-Box 2

Internet-Box plus

Connect your USB hard disk or USB stick to the USB port. All standard storage formats for USB hard disks are supported (NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ and EXT).

SD card for Internet-Box plus

On the Internet-Box plus you can also use an SD card for storage. The usual storage formats for SD memory cards (NTFS, FAT32) are supported. If you want to use an SD memory card with more than 64 GB, they are mostly formatted with the exFAT operating system and must be reformatted on the computer to FAT32.

Access on the move

The Home app lets you access your data anywhere. Download the app in your App Store for free and access your data at home via WLAN and on the move via the mobile network. Help with mobile access via the Home app is available here.

The Home app can only access the central storage on your Internet-Box. To connect to the network storage of other providers, use the respective NAS manufacturer's app solution.

Access via TV/stereo system

The Internet-Box allows you to access centrally stored photographs, videos and music on televisions and stereo systems. You can then show guests your holiday photos on your TV set or listen to music from your computer on your stereo system, for example. This process is known as streaming.

Your TV or stereo system needs to support DLNA technology for this access. Your device user manual will provide all the information you need about this technology and streaming.

Protecting your data if your device is lost

If you lose a device that has access to the central storage, go to the web portal. All the smartphones and tablets with access are listed under “Central storage”. To block data access, delete the device from the list. Please note that you only have access to the web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.

We recommend that you protect your smartphone with a PIN so that no-one can access your personal data if you device is lost or stolen.



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