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Adjustment of the home cabling

Adjustment of the home cabling

Adjustment of the home cabling (Internet-Box 2 / Internet-Box standard)

Starting point: Set up your Internet-Box outside of the wiring cupboard. You can only choose the installation method shown here if you do not wish to use the network sockets available in the rooms of your home.

Note: If you do wish to use the network sockets in your rooms, you must do the network wiring yourself, for which you will require the “Network wiring cupboard connection kit” (available to purchase from the Swisscom Shop).


You must bring the DSL signal from the wiring cupboard to the Internet-Box.
Proceed as follows:

Installation steps
  1. Set up the Internet-Box in a central location within your home. Connect the DSL cable supplied with the Internet-Box to the "Internet" port and the closest network socket (the LAN1 port for example).

  2. Now connect the corresponding port in the wiring cupboard (LAN1 in this example) with the DSL input jack ("U” interface) using an Ethernet / patch cable.

The Internet-Box is now connected to the DSL line.

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