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Digitalisierung FAQ



Digitalisation process

What analogue media can be digitised?

Can damaged items (ragged/torn photos and the like) be digitised?

Can I have my items digitised without any post-processing (i.e. without restoration)?

Who will see my images and videos?

How is my media stored (protection against temperature/humidity/deterioration/theft)?

How long does the digitisation process take until I can pick up my digitised media?

Is it possible to receive a discount for bulk orders?

Can different events on the same VHS cassette be saved individually during the digitisation process?

Can I digitise photos in an album without taking them out of the album?

Can I digitise only individual pages in my photo album?


How is the media shipped?

Could the media become damaged during shipping or the digitisation process?

What happens with the analogue media after it has been digitised?


Will my available myCloud storage space be affected due to the digitised files?

Can I digitise even though my myCloud storage is already full?

How is the digitised media stored in myCloud?

Is it possible to receive the files on an external hard drive?

Help & feedback

Who can I contact for assistance if I have questions about the ordering process?

Where can I provide feedback?


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