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First steps

First steps

First steps

You need a Swisscom Login in order to use your Docsafe.

The Swisscom Login consists of a user name and password.


You can also create a Swisscom Login and use Docsafe free of charge even if you are not a Swisscom customer. 


To Docsafe


You need a Swiss mobile phone number, a Swisscom landline number, or a postal address to which we can send you an identification code.

You can also use your Natel Login as an alternative to the Swisscom Login. In this case you log in with your mobile number and an SMS code. An SMS will not be sent if you have enabled MobileID; instead you will be asked to enter your MobileID PIN on your device. You can then log in using the "Natel ┬« Login" register to use Docsafe for the first time. 

You can find further information on the Swisscom Login here:

You can find further information on MobileID here:



You can set up your personal Docsafe in three steps: 

  1. Read and accept the General terms and conditions and the Service description
  2. Set your security levels: would you like to log in with or without an SMS code in future?
  3. Done! Your Docsafe is ready.
   Tip: The SMS code offers you additional security, should you wish to store confidential data such as income statements, tax declarations, or employment references in your Docsafe.  

Docsafe's appearance has been carefully designed so allow you to have your documents and passwords quickly to hand.

On the left you can see your files and labels; in the middle there are lists of documents; and details of your selected files and documents are shown on the right.

The files and labels presented are merely Swisscom's suggestions. You can of course rename them, delete them, or add your own files and labels.

At the top left of Docsafe you can see two document fields: 

  • All documents: this is the list of all the documents and files in your Docsafe. 
  • Input: this is the list of all the documents and files which have not yet been put into a folder. 

The "Input" field will be displayed when you launch Docsafe. Documents are either in this "Input" field, or in a folder. 

If you wish to see all the documents in all the folders, click on "All documents".

You can further reduce the list of documents simply clicking on the folders and labels: only those documents in the selected folders or etiquettes will then be shown. 

Click again on the folder or the label to return to the expanded the list.

A folder or a label is highlighted in grey to show that it has been selected.

A document can be in a particular folder whilst at the same time having several different labels.

The existing folders and labels are suggestions as to how Docsafe can be set up. You can rename these entries, delete them or add additional folders, groups, and labels.  

You can save your documents in Docsafe by clicking on the large "Add" button. Docsafe supports documents of almost every kind.

Images and PDFs can be displayed and read within Docsafe. Office documents can be seen in preview, (depending on the browser), but not altered.  

A document has a description (a title), a creator, a date of creation and, if required, a due date. The exchange of data with others is facilitated by the notes that can be attached to each document, and the opportunity to exchange comments. You can see when a document was received in the History.

New documents submitted by companies and other individuals always appear in the document list in bold type. 

As soon as a document has been opened, it will appear in the same normal typeface as other documents.   

Docsafe users can send (forward) documents to each other or share whole folders or labels. 

All the other Docsafe users with which you have a connection are listed under Individuals

You can see:

  • to which individuals you have given access to a folder, label, or even your whole Safe
  • who has granted you access to a folder or label in their Safe 
  • and from whom you are prepared to receive documents.

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