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Setting up and using central storage

Setting up and using central storage

Setting up and using central storage

Key facts at a glance:

Connect a USB hard drive or an SD card to the Internet Box. Windows users can get access under \\internetbox-nas. Mac OS users will automatically see the central storage under “SHARED” in the Finder.

You need to connect a USB storage device or SD card to the Internet Box before you can use central storage.

Using a USB storage device as storage space

Plug your USB device into one of the USB ports.

All standard USB drive storage formats (NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, EXT) are supported.

Using an SD card as storage space

Insert the SD memory card into the SD card slot (sideways).


All standard SD memory card formats (NTFS, FAT32) are supported. If you want to use an SD memory card over 64GB, this is usually formatted with the exFAT operating system. To use this card, you must reformat the card on the computer to FAT32. 

Accessing your centrally stored data

How you access the data on the USB storage device or SD card from your computer differs according to the operating system.

The feature is not available for this device.

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