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Unlocking your mobile phone

Remove Sim-Lock on your iPhone

Since 1 July 2013 Swisscom customers have been able to use any SIM card in their mobile phone.


The procedure over the air:

If you have a SIM card from a carrier other than Swisscom, follow these steps:

  1. Eject your SIM card and insert the new SIM card.
  2. Complete the setup process.

The procedure through iTunes:

  1. Connect your phone with your PC/Mac
  2. Make sure that your PC/Mac is connected to the internet
  3. Make a backup of the contents of your iPhone
  4. Delete the contents of your iPhone
  5. Follow all the steps of the Configuration Assistant and install your backup to restore your iPhone.

If you do not receive confirmation from iTunes, you will need to reset your iPhone. Before you do this, back up all the data and information you have stored on the iPhone.

Detailed information can be found at Apple


Please note:

  • Swisscom does not guarantee that an unlocked iPhone will work perfectly with a SIM card from a different mobile phone provider. Before you unlock your iPhone find out from your new provider what services are provided for iPhone (Internet access, MMS, Visual Voicemail, tethering, etc.).
  • Any limitations resulting from using a SIM card from a different provider are not classified as device faults and are not therefore covered by the Swisscom guarantee.

For further information please visit Apple Support.

Additional help

Apple Care Protection Plan (APP)
One-stop technical and software support from iPhone experts. The app is available for the term of the standard warranty.

Apple iPhone Support

(Tutorial) For detailed information on installation and set-up, please visit the Apple Support pages.

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