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The new socket

The new socket

The new socket

Fibre-optic technology transmits signals by light, instead of using electrical signals. This is why new cable connections and fibre-optic sockets are necessary.

The number is printed on the socket.


Why do I need to know the number of the fibre-optic socket when ordering:

The fibre-optic socket number is the unique and only means of identifying the fibre-optic connection. Swisscom needs to know the number of the fibre-optic socket in order to supply the services you have ordered to the right fibre-optic connection. There is however no central list of fibre-optic sockets, so Swisscom has no prior knowledge of the socket's number.

Setting up in the living room

For the optimal transmission of TV signals, we recommend using a cable to connect the router and the Swisscom TV Box. The fibre-optic socket is installed in the living room to make this as easy as possible. 



An alternative positioning of the fibre-optic socket – such as in an office, for example - is possible in principle, but this can result in additional costs if it means that the fibre-optic cable needs to run through more rooms.


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