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Portfolio streamlining

Portfolio streamlining

Portfolio streamlining

Our network and our products are in continual development as we strive to ensure that today's high standards will be maintained in the future too. This can mean that older products, and support for them, are withdrawn from our portfolio. Making the change to a new product or service ensures that you too can benefit from higher quality services and all the advantages of new technologies.

How does the switch-over work?

1. Written notification

We will have notified you in writing that your product or service will not longer be supported, and have recommended a suitable alternative.


2. Clarifying outstanding questions

Please contact us if you would like to use a different product, or have any other questions about the switch-over. You can of course also order the product you want online yourself.


3. Changing subscription

An order for your replacement product or service will be placed as soon as you contact us, or as soon the date we have given you for the order to be placed has passed without us having heard from you to the contrary. You will receive written confirmation of this order with the exact date of the switch-over as well any new devices (e.g. a new TV Box) you may require.


4. Putting it into operation

All necessary instructions will be sent together with the items themselves. Useful documents and instructions about installing your new products can also be found here


5. Returning old devices

Please return any items you no longer need, such as the old TV Box or the old router, using the prepaid return stickers you have received.  


Frequently asked questions

Which products are affected by the streamlining process?

Which products are being recommended by Swisscom as alternatives, and why?

Do I have to change to the product recommended by Swisscom?

What should I consider when changing my subscription?

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