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Protecting your mobile phone from viruses

Protect your mobile phone from malware

Protect your mobile phone from malware

All mobile phones are at risk of being affected by malware (viruses, worms, etc.) – regardless of which operating system is running on your device. Protect your mobile phone to ensure that you don’t lose any data and incur unwanted charges.

Threats posed by malware

  • Your personal data might be stolen, changed or deleted.
  • The functions of your mobile phone might be interfered with or blocked.
  • Your device might send unlimited SMS and MMS or make calls.

Protecting your mobile phone

Install or activate the Internet Security anti-virus programme on your mobile phone. If you have an iPhone, contact the Apple Store.

  • If you use your SIM card with several devices, install the anti-virus programme on every single device.
  • Update your smartphone programmes regularly.
  • Secure your mobile phone with a PIN code or with the device lock code.
  • Only activate Bluetooth when necessary.
  • Activate the “hidden” mode for Bluetooth so that your mobile phone cannot be detected by third-party devices.
  • Switch Bluetooth to “unauthorised” so that you have to explicitly authorise every connection.
  • Only upload data from trustworthy sources onto your mobile phone.
  • Do not respond to SMS if you can’t identify the sender or intention.
  • Never disclose your confidential information (user name, password, PIN code, etc.).
  • Only use Swisscom iPhones in the Swisscom mobile phone network. Cracked iPhones that have been reprogrammed for operation in another mobile phone network are particularly susceptible to malware.
  • Therefore, you should only use memory cards from trustworthy sources.
  • If you suspect a virus on your mobile phone, check your phone with a virus scanner and remove the virus if necessary.

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