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Returning items

Returning items

Returning items

A second life for your Swisscom TV boxes and routers

Any Swisscom TV boxes and routers which you are no longer using can easily be refurbished for use by other customers. Swisscom is glad to have these items back.


The following options are also available free of charge

The Post

Simply return your device via the Post.


It's this simple

  • Stick the pre-franked return label on the package, and send the material you no longer need to us by post.
  • Get a receipt for the goods you have returned. 


If you don't have any packaging materials, you can order some, together with a new pre-franked return label, here. The packaging will be sent to you by post. It will not fit in your letter box and may have to be collected from your nearest Post Office.


Would you like to have your returns collected from your home or from another address, such as your office? Then Swiss Post's pick@home is just right for you.

  • Register your collection request with pick@home by clicking on one of the buttons below.
  • Select your chosen collection date and location.
  • Enter the tracking number that you will find on the return label.
  • Stick the prepaid return label on the parcel.
  • You will receive confirmation of your order via email or SMS.


Consignment no. beginning with  99.60.012750.


Consignment no. beginning with  99.34.147462.


Päckli Punkt:

It is easy to return devices you no longer need using your local "Packli Punkt".

  • Flexible and reliable - with more than 800 Päckli Punkt Stations in Switzerland
  • Longer opening times - you can hand in your package even in the evenings or at times during weekends and holidays.


It's this simple

  • Stick the pre-franked return label on the package and take it to a Päckli Punkt location.
  • You will be given a receipt.

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