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Routers and WLAN explained

Routers and WLAN explained

Routers and WLAN explained

What is a router?

A router is a device that makes networks, e.g. by connecting the home computer to the internet. Examples of Swisscom routers are the Centro Grande and the Internet Box. Many of today's routers feature WLAN, which allows you to connect laptops, tablets, and smart phones to the router without using cables.

Swisscom routers help

What is a WLAN?

A WLAN is a local wireless network and stands for "Wireless Local Area Network". To set up your own WLAN you need a router with a WLAN function and devices which can connect to WLAN, such as smart phones, tablets, and computers. Because a WLAN is wireless, it allows you to connect your devices to the internet without the use of cables within the home.

Set up on a PC/Mac

Set up WLAN on a mobile phone

What is an SSID?


SSID stands for "Service Set Identifier", and is the name of your WLAN. To connect your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to your WLAN, you need to identify your WLAN's SSID. You can find the name of your WLAN in the Customer centre where you can also change it if you wish.


What does WPA mean?

WPA stands for "Wi-Fi Protected Access" and is a means of encrypting a WLAN. Swisscom routers use what is known as "WPA-2 encryption" – this serves to protect your wireless network from unauthorised access. 

How do I get to my router's user interface?

Open your internet browser and type in the following address: You will then be prompted to enter the username "admin" and the password for your router.
If you are using a Swisscom Internetbox, you can also access the user interface at http://internetbox.home .


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