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Anpassung des WLAN-Passworts zur Sicherung des WLAN-Booster

Anpassung des WLAN-Passworts zur Sicherung des WLAN-Booster

Altering the Wi-Fi password to secure the Wi-Fi booster

You need to change the Wi-Fi password of the Wi-Fi booster in order to ensure that your Wi-Fi is secure. Follow these two steps: 

Access the Wi-Fi booster settings and then change the password.

How to access advanced parameters of the WLAN-Booster

How to change WLAN parameters

  1. Enter into the address field on your computer's browser
  2. Enter your Internet Box administrator's password (use your current password or click on "new registration or forgotten password?", in order to start the password retrieval process and generation a new password)
  3. Once you are logged on, click "Network" on the menu, and then "List of devices"
  4. Search for "Wi-Fi booster" and note its IP address
  5. Enter this IP address into the address field on your computer's browser
  6. If you are prompted to do so, enter the following registration details: user name: admin / password: admin
  7. You now have access to all the Wi-Fi booster settings. A page now appears which looks like this: 
  • On the right hand side, select the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi tab. Now change the password ("WPA-PSK key") and click on "Apply"
  • Now select the 5 GHz Wi-Fi tab and change the password. To complete the process, click "Apply"


Please note! Once you have changed the password, you may have to connect again with the Wi-Fi booster! 

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