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SMS in the fixed network

SMS in the fixed network

Sending SMS over the fixed network

You can use your fixed network telephone for sending SMS.

With an SMS-enabled fixed network telephone you can send SMS throughout the entire Swisscom mobile network, to most other mobile networks and all fixed network connections in Switzerland. As soon as you send the first SMS you will also be registered to receive them.

SMS in the fixed network - very simple

Send your SMS to every fixed network and mobile phone. By sending your first SMS from the fixed network you are automatically registered for the receipt of SMS in the fixed network.


Sending and receiving

You can send your SMS in all mobile phone networks and on all Swiss fixed network connections. As long as you do not send SMS, incoming SMSs are read out to you as voice messages.


SMS in the fixed network                                 CHF 0.15/SMS*

* 160 characters cost CHF 0.15. Each message may contain up to a maximum of 612 characters. Customers with CPS (Carrier Preselection) with other telecom service providers (Sunrise, Orange, among others) pay the connection fees in addition to their respective provider.

Sending SMS in the fixed network

You can send your SMS in all mobile phone networks and on all Swiss fixed network connections:

  • Each message may contain up to a maximum of 612 characters.
  • Text is entered using the keys as with a mobile phone.
  • It is possible to send SMS to national geographic numbers from the fixed network (e.g., 031xx, 071xx). It is not possible to send to short numbers (e.g. 1xx) or 08xx / 09xx numbers.
  • It is only possible to send SMS from the mobile network to the fixed network if you have a NATEL® subscription (For the time being Sunrise and Orange customers cannot send SMS to the fixed network).
  • It is not possible to receive SMS from a foreign mobile or fixed network.

Receiving SMS in the fixed network

By sending your first SMS, you are registered automatically for the receipt of SMS in the fixed network.

If the recipient of your text message does not have SMS-compatible fixed network telephone, he still re-ceives your message - it is read out to him as a voice message. You will find SMS-compatible fixed net-work telephones in the Online Shop.

You will know you have an incoming voice message (in the case of CLIP-compatible telephone) from the number 0800 807 111. Once you are connected the Swisscom Jingle rings, then there is an announce-ment "You have a new message".

The delivery of SMSvoice messages may last for a few minutes. It takes place

Monday - Friday
7am to 10pm

Weekend and public holidays
8am to 10pm

We deliver SMSs sent during the night between 7am and 8am the next morning. If the recipient of an SMS voice message is busy or not available, the delivery is repeated several times (up to max. 24 hours after sending) or it is received by the call answering service.

The receipt of voice messages can be deactivated via the freephone number 0800 807 111 and re-activated at any time.

For SMS in the fixed network you need:

Swisscom SMS centre preset

In order to send SMS in the fixed network, the Swisscom SMS centre number must be preset in your ter-minal device, normally it is
062 210 00 00.

If this is not the case, please try the following: 062 210 00, 062 210 00 0, 062 210 00 0*. For Swisscom devices, the number has been already correctly preprogrammed. For third-party terminals you will need to programme the number. The instruction manual provides information as to how and where you can pro-gramme the number.

If you operate your telephone through a telephone system (TVA), you may have to programme in an addi-tional 0 in front of the SMS exchange’s main number. Please refer to the telephone system operating in-structions.

SMS-compatible telephones

The most recent fixed network telephones can send SMS. Even if it is your device, please refer to the in-structions for use. If you need a new SMS-compatible fixed network telephone, you will find a current range of devices in the Online Shop.


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