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Fault rectification

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Appointments, costs and preparations: all on the appointment with your service technician

Binding appointments

Have you made an appointment with one of our service engineers? This appointment is binding. If you want to move or cancel your appointment, please let us know on 0800 800 800 at least 4 hours in advance. This will prevent our service engineer making an unnecessary journey and ensure that you do not have to pay our CHF 80.- service fee.


The cause of the fault is very likely in your home. Our service engineer will be happy to rectify the fault for you. We will bill you for this service.

The service engineer will only be able to tell you the exact cause and costs after analysis in your home.

His time is billed at the following rates:

  • Flat-rate service fee: CHF 80.- (travel and work preparation)
  • Working time: CHF 140.- per hour

Material: Material is replaced free of charge if the warranty applies or a hired device is being exchanged.

Special case: fire/storm and water damage
You will be billed in the case of fire/storm or water damage. Your insurance company will usually refund you these costs.

Special case: basic service provision
As a Swisscom Line basic or plus subscriber, the service engineer’s visit will not be billed to you if the fault is caused by a defective Internet-Box light* which needs to be replaced.


Swisscom Infrastructure
Home Network / Private Infrastructure


Many settings can be performed easily online in the Customer Center, so have your Swisscom Login with user name and password at the ready for the service engineer.


Your service engineer can provide support for the following issues:

  • WLAN optimisation
  • Advice on home networking (Ethernet installation)
  • Setting up an additional TV
  • Switching to the latest hardware (UHD, TV box, router, etc.)

3 tips if you are experiencing WLAN connection problems



Do you have questions concerning our products?

We will help you via telephone or chat.

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