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TV Guide & Search

The TV Guide is an electronic programme guide in your TV. It shows you the programmes of all channels and your scheduled recordings for the next few days. The TV Guide also provides direct access to live events, your recordings and rented films.

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In the App

You can also use the TV guide directly in the App

Swisscom TV 2.0

My Swisscom App

Finding and selecting programmes

  • Press the TV Guide button on the Swisscom TV remote control to call up the television programme.
  • The programmes being aired at the moment are displayed in a lighter colour. Use the up/down buttons to navigate vertically through the channels and the left/right buttons to navigate horizontally through the broadcasting times. The name and start time of the currently selected programme is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the OK button. If the selected programme has already started, the corresponding channel will be shown and the TV Guide hidden. If the programme has not yet started, a new page will show you information on the programme.

Retrieving information on individual programmes

Press the INFO button on the Swisscom TV remote control to call up the programme information page. This also works for programmes which have already started or which you are currently watching.

You have the following options on the information page:

  • Read programme information Press the left/right buttons to navigate through the submenus (e.g. Details, Content, Cast).
  • Select “Watch” to switch to the relevant channel while the programme is on (this menu item will not appear for programmes which have not yet started).
  • Select “Record” (TV plus only) to record the programme (if it has already started) or to programme the recording (if the programme has not yet started).
  • Use the BACK button to return to the TV Guide.

Some of the above mentioned features are not available for Swisscom TV Select.

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