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Forwarding in the event of faults

Forwarding in the event of faults

Forwarding in the event of faults

Stay available even without a network connection

You can set up call forwarding in the Customer Center in the event of Swisscom network unavailability, for instance due to a fault. During the downtime, incoming calls are forwarded to another phone number (e.g. your mobile phone or COMBOX®).

Log in to Customer Centre

Procedure in the Customer Center:


  1. Select "Fixed network" on the left in the menu
  2. Click "Forwarding in the event of a fault"
  3. Select "Forwarding in the event of a fault"
  4. Select your telephone number or COMBOX® in the dropdown menu
    4.1 If you select your telephone number: enter the required telephone number
  5. Confirm using the save button, bottom right

If, for any reason your router at home cannot connect to the Swisscom network, the call will be automatically forwarded to the telephone number you entered. As soon as the network is obtainable again, forwarding is switched off automatically.

Switching the function on and off is free of charge. Forwarding fees depend on your subscription rates.

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