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Undesired fixed-line telephone provider change

Undesired fixed-line telephone provider change

Undesired fixed-line telephone provider change

You can call freephone 0868 868 868 at any time to find out which provider your connection is with.

If you've recently had an undesired provider change, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) suggests doing the following:

  • Check whether you have concluded a contract without realising it, and whether this contract binds you to the new provider for a certain period.
  • Write to the undesired telephone provider and ask to receive evidence of your preselection application within 10 working days (copy of the written agreement, recording of the preselection application and the conversation if customers were acquired by telephone).
  • If the provider is not able to present you with this evidence within 10 working days, it must undertake all necessary measures to restore your connection's original preselection state. If it refuses, you can write to OFCOM and ask them to look into the possibility of taking legal supervisory measures against the provider.
  • If the provider is able to present you with valid evidence, you can still cancel the contract in writing, but you will have to comply with the notice period. Don't forget to submit a new preselection application to the provider of your choice, even is this is Swisscom. Otherwise there is the risk that you won't have a telephone connection any more once the cancelled preselection contract has expired.
  • If the presented evidence looks invalid to you and you haven't been able to reach an agreement with the provider, you can refer to the foundation ombudscom, the telecommunications conciliation service. They can help you settle the dispute out of court. You can order the necessary conciliation forms from the following address: ombudscom, Bundesgasse 26, 3001 Berne, Tel. 031 310 11 77. For more information visit
  • You can also refer to the responsible civil or criminal law authorities in your canton of residence. The same applies for any violations of legal requirements against unfair competition (fraudulent marketing, misleading advertising etc.). We recommend seeking legal advice.


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