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Thank you for running the Swisscom Virus Remover!

Thank you for running the Swisscom Virus Remover!

If Swisscom has blocked your internet access and the Swisscom security programs have not discovered malware on any of your devices, this may be for several reasons.

  • Malware has already been discovered, removed, or quarantined by your installed antivirus program.
  • Malware is preventing your antivirus programs from running properly.
  • There is malware on your operating system which our tools cannot find.

If Swisscom has blocked your internet access several times within a few days, or if you suspect that one of the above reasons applies, the My Service team will be pleased to assist you.

If you have not yet scanned all your devices, you can scan a device again here or send the link to download the Virus Remover to other devices:

Send links

You can send the link to download the Swisscom Virus Remover for Windows and Andriod to another device using the form below.


Alternatively you can send the link for the Swisscom Virus Remover for Andriod by SMS.
Enter your NATEL® number to do so.

Security Suite: Internet Security

Only a comprehensive security suite, which analyses the behaviour of your device and protects your browser from malicious websites as well as offering protection from viruses and spyware, can offer permanent protection.

The two Virus Removers, as well as Swisscom's award-winning security products for Windows, Mac and Android, come from the renowned security provider F-Secure. You can find out more about the Swisscom Security Suite "Internet Security" at


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