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VPN Server

VPN Server

VPN Server

What is the Internet Box VPN Server Function?

A VPN Server (Virtual Private Network)  means that you can access an encrypted channel in one's home network on the move and use all functions and services securely and just as if you were at home. The computer or the smart phone is thereby integrated into the home network, and so assumes all the rights of a host on the local network. 

In this way you can configure your devices at home while you are on the move, or access your data without setting up port forwarding. All the Internet traffic is encrypted, which brings additional security for surfing in public WLANs. 

The Internet-Box VPN Server function facilitates an additional simultaneous connection.

With this increased security, you can also use VPN to access the Internet Box web portal from your devices at anytime and from anywhere.

How do I set up the VPN Server?

You have to perform a one-off configuration of VPN before you can use it. First you have to enable the VPN function in the internet Box web portal, and set up your login information. Finally you can set up the VPN connection on your device (not Windows OS) using the login information you have personally configured. 


We stick to the same examples in the following graphics.

Description Our example Explanation
VPN Username This name is used together with the password to establish the connection to your Internet Box. 
VPN Password my.VPN.password This is used together with the username to establish the connection to your Internet Box.
VPN Shared Secret my.VPN.shared_secret.key This key is used to encrypt the VPN data traffic
Internet IP Address The IP address assigned to the router by Swisscom.
DynDNS Account-name The DNS service ensures that the Internet always knows with which Internet Box it must connect your VPN. Enable the free Dynamic DNS Service Swisscom web portal of Internet Box. 

Setting up and managing the VPN Server in the web portal

Setting up VPN on a computer or mobile device

Once you have configured your VPN settings in the Internet Box web portal, you still have to set up your end device. No devices need additional Apps or software, but can use the VPN function integrated in the operating system. 


Select your operating system and follow the set up instructions step-by-step.

Windows Betriebssysteme werden nicht unterstützt

Swisscom bietet mit der Internet-Box eine einfache VPN Lösung. Für den Zugriff von unterwegs kann dabei das in den mobilen Geräten integrierte VPN  Programm verwendet werden. Es muss keine zusätzliche Software installiert werden.

Microsoft Betriebssysteme auf Windows-Computer und Windows-Smartphones bilden leider eine Ausnahme. Microsoft blockt mit ihren Standardeinstellungen VPN Server Lösungen, welche hinter einem Router stehen (NAT-T). Dadurch wird der VPN Server der Internet-Box auf diesen Geräten nicht unterstützt!


Zu Windows-Computer finden Sie direkt auf den Microsoft Supportseiten weitere Informationen: Microsoft-Support



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