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Additional call numbers

Additional call numbers

Additional call numbers - Support | Swisscom

Private customers with an All IP subscription (i.e. inOne home or SwisscomLine basic), except for SwisscomLine Plus, may choose (to activate) one of the following options:


  1. Option "second call number": for private customers with All IP (i.e. inOne home fixed network). You can use a total of 2 call numbers and hold 2 simultaneous conversations. You can subscribe to the options when you place your order, or simply sign up for them later online in the Customer center. Select your telephony product and the link "Adapt telephony options".

  2. Option "two additional call numbers": for private customers with SwisscomLine basic: This option enables you to use a total of 3 call numbers and hold 2 simultaneous conversations. You can subscribe to the option when you place your order. For a subsequent order, contact us.


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Please note: if more than 2 call numbers are required, or should you wish to hold more than 2 simultaneous conversations, contact us.




Manage call numbers

You can decide which number will be shown when you make a call on each of your telephones. You can also specify which phone will ring when calls are incoming. You can also decide whether a phone will ring in response to calls to one, two, or all numbers.

If you use a Swisscom HD Phone, you can assign to each call number a separate ring tone (except for the Arosa model). In addition, to each call number a name can be assigned (i.e. Business, Private,…)


Where can I manage my call numbers?


  • With the Internet Box: 
    Managing the call numbers in the Internet Box web portal 
  • With the Centro Grande router:
    If you have a Centro Grande router, you can assign numbers to handsets (i.e. Rousseau & Nyon) or online in the Customer Center.
  • With an HD phone:
  • Press menu in your HD phone:

    1. Settings

    2. Telephony

    3. Incoming and outgoing lines

    4. If desired...connections > options > connection name: enter a name

    5. Save

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