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Topping up credit

Topping up credit

Topping up credit

Where can I top up credit and data packages?


Cash machines

You can top up your phone at major cash machines such as Bankomat and Postomat as well as at SBB ticket machines (select the  "Top up mobile phone" option). 

Swisscom Value Card Outlets

You can buy a Swisscom Value Card and then use it to top up your phone. Instructions are on the Value Card. Swisscom Value Cards can be obtained at Swisscom Shops, Coop Supermarkets, branches of Coop Bau & Hobby, Coop Pronto, Interdiscount, Migros checkouts, Denner checkouts, petrol stations, Kiosks, and Post Office counters.

Keeping track of credit

Your Easy credit can be checked in the Cockpit or on your mobile phone: 

  1. enter *130#
  2. press Call .


After each top up and each call you will receive a free SMS telling you about your remaining credit. This SMS information service can be switched off on request.

To activate the service:

  1. enter  *106*11#
  2. press Call. 

To deactivate it: 

  1. enter *106*10#
  2. press Call.

Dealing with top up problems

It can take a few minutes for the confirmation SMS to arrive at the beneficiaries' number. If in doubt, first check your credit. Use the following hotline numbers in case of difficulty:

Postomat: Postfinance 0848 88 04 88
Bankomat: Bank Support Hotline of Bank
SBB ticket machines: SBB Support 0800 11 44 77
Cockpit / Value Card: Swisscom 0800 800 800


As soon as your NATEL® easy credit falls under CHF 10.- , you will be notified by SMS. A further notice will be sent when credit falls under CHF 3.- .

If you need to use your phone urgently and have no credit, you can text "ADVANCE" to 444. You will then receive an immediate credit advance of CHF 5.- . The next time you top up, you will be charged CHF 5.50. A further credit advance is only possible once you have topped up again.


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