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Change and activate your SIM

Automatic SIM replacement

Swisscom is currently distributing over 1 million new SIM cards to residential customers to enable the Mobile ID function. Mobile ID is a simple and highly secure solution for logging into various online portals (e.g. e-banking) and performing digital signatures.



If you have received a new SIM from Swisscom:


  1. Switch the SIM following the instructions enclosed with the new SIM card
  2. Go to
  3. Activate the Mobile ID function

Why SIM cards are replaced

Posted on 06.04.2018 by  MiriamF

Lots of customers are currently receiving a new SIM card from Swisscom, sent by post for free to promote Mobile ID. Having to remember lots of passwords will become a thing of the past. Now you can use the same numeric code – for whichever platform you are using.


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Order a replacement SIM

You can simply order your new replacement SIM card online in the customer center: 

It doesn't matter whether you order a Mini, Micro or Nano SIM in the customer center. You will get a so-called "3 in 1" Sim card, from which you can quarry the right SIM size out. Help with the SIM selection.


You will need a replacement SIM card in the following cases:


  • Your current SIM is damaged or has been stolen (with your phone).
  • You change the device: your current SIM does not fit into the new phone, because for example it requires a Nano SIM or an eSIM.
  • In addition, itt may happen that we send you a new SIM card, i.e. for technical reasons or when new services like Mobile ID are offered.

Prepaid replacement SIMs

  • You can not order a replacement SIM in the customer center. Please visit a Swisscom Shop near you or contract our 
    customer service.  
  • Your credit balance won't be deleted when you replace the SIM. 

Activate replacement SIM

  1. Read letter
    Read the informations you have received with your new SIM. Thus, you may for instance see if in your case specific steps are required in order to activate the SIM.
  2. Save contacts
    Copy the contacts of the current SIM on your phone. Instructions 
  3. Save data
    Save data: make sure you can still access the data currently on your old device (photos, contacts, etc.), when you change device, by saving them for instance on myCloud, Google Photos, iCloud or PC/MAC. 
  4. Insert SIM
    Insert the new SIM in the SIM compartment of the new device. Instructions
  5. Confirm replacement
    You will now receive a SMS with a link. Click on the link in order to confirm the activation the new SIM. 
  6. Restart
    Restart your device.

Frequently asked questions

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