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Unblock purchasing via your mobile bill

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Pay your Swisscom bill in full or unblock value-added services on your mobile phone to continue to make purchases via your mobile bill.

Pay outstanding bills

If you have not paid for purchases from third parties such as Apple, Spotify or Google Play, your access to this service is blocked. In order to continue making purchases via your mobile bill (using Swisscom Pay or via SMS/MMS), you need to pay your outstanding bills.

Pay your Swisscom bill in full

You can only use your subscription’s Swisscom services and make purchases via your mobile bill if you have paid your outstanding Swisscom bills in full. Find out more about the different payment options and how to pay your bill.


If you settle your Swisscom bill but only pay the amount owed for your Swisscom services and not the amount you owe for third-party purchases, the unpaid amounts will be forwarded to the companies in question. You will not be able to make mobile payments from this point onwards. To unblock this service, you will need to pay the amount outstanding directly to the provider or via Swisscom. To do so:


  1. Send a free SMS with the keyword BLOCK to 444.
  2. The reply SMS specifies the part-payment amount.
  3. Round the amount up to the nearest 5 centimes.
  4. Transfer the amount to us via your e-banking, your credit card or Twint. We will pass the payment on to the third-party provider.


To pay for purchases made via business numbers (with a 0900/0901 or 0906 code), contact us.

Unblock value-added services

Value-added services, including payment via your Swisscom bill or prepaid credit, are activated as standard. If value-added services are blocked, you will no longer be able to pay using Swisscom Pay or via SMS/MMS. Go to the My Swisscom Customer Center > Mobile devices > Mobile payments > Related topics to block or unblock purchases and value-added services.


Where do I find my Swisscom bill and payment information?

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