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Check and top up your prepaid credit

Top up your credit

You can easily top up your Prepaid credit at,, via SMS or various points of sale.

Check your credit

In the Cockpit

You can check and top up your credit and book data packages at You can access the Cockpit for free worldwide and even with a credit of CHF 0.–.


After each call, you will receive a free SMS telling you how much credit you have. Use the following button combinations to set whether you wish to be notified of your current credit via SMS or not:

  • Deactivate automatic SMS: *106*10#, call button
  • Activate automatic SMS: *106*11#, call button
  • Manual credit query: *130#, call button

In the Customer Center

Have you registered your Prepaid number in the Customer Center?

If you need an itemised list of all calls, you can view it online in the Customer Center.


As a sponsor you can also check your child’s credit in the Customer Center if you add the sponsored Prepaid number there.

Prepaid balance in the Cockpit

Use the Internet

You can surf in the Internet with your smartphone on the base rate of CHF 2.– per day.

If you don’t want to surf on the base rate:


  1. Buy a data package in the Cockpit
  2. Deactivate the active base rate in the Cockpit.
  3. Data packages are automatically renewed when used up. If you wish, you can also deactivate automatic renewal in the Cockpit.

Please note: Once data package is used up and not renewed and you have deactivated the base rate, you will no longer be able to surf in the mobile network.

Base rate in the Cockpit


Keep your costs under control with the following settings:

  • Switch off your COMBOX® when you are abroad.
  • Block calls to business 090x numbers, value-added and information services (e.g. 1811) directly in the Customer Center.

Expiry of credit

The SIM card will expire in the cases described below. This means that any remaining credit will lapse and the number will revert to Swisscom without compensation.

  • If you port your number (switch your existing phone number to another provider)
  • If you fail to use the card for 12 months Non-use comprises all activities that do not result in a reduction of the prepaid credit. These include, for example, topping up prepaid credit, incoming text messages and switching on the mobile device.
  • If you misuse the prepaid service

Outgoing calls, sending text messages, sending and receiving MMS messages and any use of mobile data communication are deemed as using the SIM card.



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