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Pay off your device in instalments

Pay off your device in instalments

Buy your mobile phone in instalments when you take out or renew a contract. This option is available for contractual terms of 12 and 24 months. You can pay for your mobile phone, tablet, wireless hotspot, router or Apple watch in 12 or 24 monthly instalments (depending on the contractual term). The instalments are interest-free, so you pay the same as if you had bought your device in one go.


You can sign up for payment in instalments in the Swisscom Shop and Swisscom Online Shop. No deposit is required. If you take out insurance for your device, the amount will be charged separately.


New: Pay off your Apple Watch Series 3 in instalments

You can now pay off your new Apple Watch Series 3 in instalments,- even without a mobile subscription

  • The contract term is 24 months and cannot be changed
  • A maximum of 4 devices per customer can be paid off in instalments
  • View the details of your device instalments in the im Customer Center or pay off outstanding instalments in one go if you like.

Who can use the instalment plan?

  • Customers must be at least 16 for purchases in a Swisscom Shop (with legal representative) and at least 18 to order in the Online Shop
  • The device must cost CHF 48.– or more
  • The device must have a SIM/eSIM compartment
  • Payment in instalments is available to residential and SME customers when taking out or renewing a contract
  • A maximum of 4 devices per customer can be paid off in instalments.
  • Payment in instalments is subject to a customer credit check

Instalment amount

  • The amount is divided by the number of months in the contract term. geteilt. 
  • If the device price cannot be divided exactly by 12 or 25 down to CHF 0.05, the monthly instalment will be rounded up and the rounding difference debited on the first bill.  
  • The amount and number of instalments cannot be changed, nor instalments deferred.  
  • Two instalments are billed every two months on bi-monthly bills..

Manage your payments

You can view the details of your device instalment payments in the Customer Center and the My Swisscom App and can also pay off instalments early..

Cancelling your payment plan

If you like, you can pay off outstanding instalments before the end of the contract.


You can pay off device instalments early in the Swisscom Shop, via the hotline, in the Customer Center or via the My Swisscom App.


Any outstanding instalments arecharged as a lump sum on your next Swisscom bill. If you wish to benefit in advance from contract renewal (no earlier than 3 months before end of contract), all your outstanding instalments are automatically debited on your next bill.If you wish to transfer your mobile number to another person, you must first settle the outstanding instalments.



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